A good 'fit' for your business?

We've been designing for a long time and, while we've worked
for most kinds of organisation, we realise that we're not
going to be everyone's cup of tea. Are we right for you
though? Well...

We create...
Brands, Identities, web sites, annual reports and brochures
for small to medium sized businesses and charities.

We're experienced.
As a company we have over 15 years experience. As individuals...
don't ask. Nothing can phase us. Over the years we've worked
for Charities, Airlines, Car manufacturers, Banks, Cosmetics
companies, Political parties and everything in between.
We've even done the odd wedding invitation.

We listen.
An obvious one really, but how can we expect to produce
relevant work if we don't listen to, or understand, our
clients? We find out what's special and unique about your
business so that we can produce work that gets results.
Listening is the key to producing great design work

We think.
In fact, we don't stop thinking. We think creatively. We think
strategically. We find that thinking a bit more, and a bit
harder � even when we feel we've 'cracked it' � is the key to
producing great design work. That and listening, of course.

We simplify.
We think that producing beautiful and effective design is
often about stripping away the unnecessary fluff and keeping
things uncomplicated.

We're literate.
We understand the importance of words in communicating your
message. We won't let a fancy visual idea overpower the
words � unless it tells the story in a more powerful and
effective way. Pictures can sometimes speak louder than
words, you know. We've also been known to pick up the odd
misplaced apostrophe.

We're visually literate.
Strangely, some designers aren't. Hopefully our portfolio
speaks for itself.

We're small.
And we're staffed by designers. When you phone, you'll speak
to the designer working on your project, unless you get to
speak to Sharon, who manages projects through the studio
(although she does have a degree in Graphic Design too).

We're dirt cheap.
That got your attention didn't it! Well, we're not that cheap
actually, but you may find we're better value for money than
some bigger agencies with tiers of mysteriously monikered
managers. We've worked in these places, so we know how much
they charge. We agree a fee up front and stick to it. You won't
get billed for extras unless they've been discussed
and agreed before the work is started.

We won't free pitch.
Another lie. We sometimes do, but paid work takes priority and
the free work is often knocked out by a junior designer late at
night (generally the night before the presentation). Saving
your best thinking for paying clients is standard
practice throughout the design business. You have been warned.

We're not confrontational.
We try to make the experience a pleasant one - we listen (see
above), we work hard, and we try to avoid having 'designer
tantrums' when you ask us to 'have another look at
the font size', for instance.

We don't like jargon.
Or buzz words. Or marketing double speak. That's it really
we just don't like it!