Working with Howdy

A step by step guide to getting started

Step 1 Get in touch

If you like what you've seen get in touch. Call us, or if you're
a bit shy or too busy drop us an email introducing yourself
and outlining how you think we may be able to help you. At this
stage it doesn't matter whether you have a fully formulated
design brief or just a loose 'I need something to help me achieve...'
We're an approachable bunch and like to get involved in
projects as early as possible.

Step 2 Let's get together

Call us old fashioned but we still really like meeting people
face-to-face. We think that the chemistry needs to be right
to get the best from the working relationship, so we recommend
meeting as soon as possible to discuss your project and how we
may be able to work together. We can show you other examples
of our work to prove that we know what we're doing, and you can
tell us all about your project, your organisation, and anything
else you want to tell us. The more you tell us the better we'll
understand you, your company and your services or products.
At this stage you might like to take a look at what our clients
say about us, or contact us for some references.

Step 3 Follow up

Following the meeting we'll tell you the bit you really want to
know how much it'll cost, and how long it'll take, etc. We'll
write a design brief if you don't already have one and then
provide you with a fixed fee estimate (it will cost what we say
it will cost there are no hidden extras), a schedule outlining
all the key deadlines, scope of work and points of contact.
Peruse this at your leisure and decide if, all things considered,
we're right for the job.

Step 4 Let's get started

Assuming you're happy with everything then we start working
together and a long and fruitful relationship blossoms it often
does. We tend to structure our work in stages, signing off on each
before proceeding to the next. We will invoice you at the end
of each stage.

Small print

If you want to know stuff like our terms and conditions, environmental
or equal opportunities policies, copyright issues etc just contact us
and we'll be happy to send them to you.