Design Strategy

Design strategy

Research and focus groups

It's often valuable to do research among key audiences and stakeholders before embarking on a major project to gain a wider perspective and understanding of an organisation. This may be as simple as a few face to face questions or an extensive series of workshops with stakeholders or wider audiences.

Research provides valuable information and background on how a brand is performing in the marketplace. It helps to reveal the true personality of the organisation and gives an insight into what people like, or dislike, about it. This is really useful information and helps us understand the positives on which to focus and identify any negatives that need to be addressed.

We run workshops and conduct research with staff and external audiences to provide insights into an organisation and to help ascertain whether an organisation's brand values and aspirations are aligned with external perceptions.

Workshops are a valuable way to engage staff in any major company changes such as a rebrand. They provide a forum for dialogue and allow people to ask questions, voice concerns and have a say in the organisation's future plans. This helps them to feel valued and involved.

Where it isn't possible to run workshops or focus groups we can conduct telephone, online or email research.

Focus groups provide a forum for discussion and are useful to test various elements of a project amongst different audiences. These can be held at any stage of a project and help to gain valuable feedback and assess the suitability of a design before incurring the full expense of taking the project forward. They can also provide reassurance to a board or investors.