21 December 2010

"Lime greening of a white Christmas..."

This year each guest at Howdy's Christmas party had to create a cocktail. Each contestant was given a Pantone swatch to match to, and a base of either Bacardi or Vodka, to which any mixers could be added. Cocktails were judged on taste, presentation, name and colour accuracy.

Lime greening of a white Christmas was the wittily named winner - a concoction of vodka, blue Powerade, kiwi fruit and 'some green stuff'' created by designer Emma Harrison.

Simon Teer had the tough task of matching his cocktail to PMS 7517, or sludge brown. The resulting coffee flavoured 'Chrimbo Cafeteer' was a good effort but its use of holly in the decoration meant that it was marked down on health and safety grounds. Neil's 'Winter wormer' used Tequila, Bacardi and cranberry juice over crushed ice and was decorated with fruit flavoured worms. It was variously described as 'revolting' and 'undrinkable', and came in last. A fruity entry from Sharon The 'Purple haze' tasted great, but lost marks for looking like a sample of Brent Crude, while intern Rhys Dando produced a sickly beige mix of Irish Country Cream, Cookies and Cream milkshake and vodka which amazingly took second place. Guest artworker Alan, and photographer Ranald produced sound fruit-based efforts, the umbrella adorned 'Yellow Peril' and the over-claiming 'Tropical Bombshell'.