23 July 2010

Bringing energy together

For the past 8 months we've been working on the new identity for CHPA, an organisation that promotes integrated energy systems using combined heat and power and district heating. Sounds a bit dull doesn't it well it isn't. But the fact that it sounds a bit dull has increasingly become a problem for the CHPA as it competes for attention against 'sexier' sustainable energy sources such as wind, wave and solar power. CHP is a tried and tested technology that has been embraced by countries such as Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands where it is drastically cutting carbon emissions and reducing energy costs for businesses and householders.

Our new identity, which has so far been implemented across stationery, web site (by Nonsense) and the CHPA's Manifesto includes a symbol which uses three colours representing heat, power and cooling. The negative space at the centre of the three interlocking circles form an arrow head suggesting sustainability. Our job was to present CHP as a relevant, cutting edge technology and to help the association communicate the benefits of CHP to government, local authorities and energy and planning consultants, amongst others.