14 November 2010

Roman Soldier’s ‘Torn Cloak’ Still Has The Power to Inspire

The identity is based on the story of St Martin of Tours, the Roman soldier who shared his uniform red cloak with a beggar who turned out to be Christ.

St Martin’s, in Trafalgar Square, has over 700,000 visitors a year and is an active parish church. It is one of the busiest classical music venues in the country with over 350 concerts per year. St Martin’s supports people who are homeless and at risk of homelessness and runs a daycentre for local Chinese residents.

The ‘torn cloak’ logo unifies the many facets of St Martin-in-the-Fields. The cloth’s ragged edges reflect the need to support those whose lives may be similarly frayed but also to welcome anyone looking for hospitality, culture and a thought provoking environment. The new identity will be rolled out across uniforms, posters, literature and signage over the next few months. Implementation will be carried out in-house.

And I bet there aren't many design companies who can boast having one of their logos featured in a specially written 'hymn'. (To the tune of He Who Would Valiant Be)

Martin, our soldier saint
gives inspiration
to share our cloak with all,
complete or fraying.
Patron without compare!
Our logo: red and square.
Torn edges help us dare
tell of St Martin's.