17 November 2009

Stop Press! Howdy pay man to fix lights

We never liked them. They look like garden hoes, which isn't a good look for something that's not a garden hoe. When the lights finally blew up it was a relief at last we could buy some new ones. However, if you hadn't noticed, we're in the middle of a severe recession, so instead of Wandsworth Tip the lights went to Multifix in Richmond. And it was at Multifix that we saw the future.

It's no Apple Store, but John and his team of dour and slighty tatty pensioners are keeping countless domestic appliances running that would otherwise be stacked up in the Tips and laybys of West London. John (or was it Brian) fixed our lights for £17.60 including new halogen bulbs. We still don't like them, but that's not John's fault, at least we can see our Pantone book now.

So, this weekend, forget Westfield and Bluewater, take your ailing appliances to Multifix, save some cash and do the environment a favour too. (John does home visits for large appliances like fridges and washers.) For more information on waste, and why it's bad, visit Green Alliance's website.