10 June 2010

World Cup wall charts

This month the designers at Howdy offer a design critique of some of the World Cup wall charts that have landed on our desks in the past week eight so far... and counting. Ok, so the Sunday Express wall chart didn't actually land on our desk. Sharon went out and bought it, kept the wall chart and is using the newspaper to line her cat litter tray.


First on the doormat was the bright orange chart that arrived with Grafik magazine. Designed for beard-stroking typographers this one, printed with fluorescent and metallic inks, gloss varnishes and typeset in one size of a rather nice sans serif typeface. All very functional and minimal. And just a little bit joyless. I think I'd rather put a mortgage application form on my wall at least it'd use less blu-tack. And we think it's probably been designed by somebody who doesn't really like football a Manchester United fan most likely.

Creative Review

Next up was the Creative Review chart. Not enough pictures of Didier Drogba and too many numbers on this one. For instance: If England win their group they go through to L16 50 26 06 19 30 and play the runner up of group D. If they win that game they play the winner of 49 in 58 on 02 07 19 30. We really couldn't be bothered. Having said that, we quite like the pixelly patterned background.


Just like most football fans I know, we've been having heated discussions at Howdy about which wines to drink while watching the games. So imagine our delight when the 'Wine drinker's guide to the World Cup' arrived. We love the big Avant Garde Gothic numbers and the 'Tree Free' paper stock. Attractively, but impractically set out as a calendar, the copywriter has pulled out all the stops to match a wine to every game: "Group H, Spain v Chile - Abadia Retuerta Revola (£12.49) A wine almost as slick as the passing of Xavi, Iniesta and Fabregas." Hmm, World Cup Lager drinker's guide anyone?

The Observer

It's Sunday morning, and at last we get pictures of Wayne Rooney and Kaka - The Observer wall chart has arrived. Although you'd never call it beautiful it's as clear and functional as you'd expect a piece of information graphics from the Guardian creative team to be.

News of the World

The News of the World wall chart gives half of its space to that famous picture of World Cup winners' hands grasping at the trophy. However, the hands have been retouched in the colours of various national flags which gives them the appearance of a pit of exotically coloured snakes fighting over a cornet. Strangely, this one seems to be the studio favourite.

Daily Mirror

Tim found The Daily Mirror wall chart on the bus. It's sponsored by Wii Resort and has an alternative Wii wall chart on the reverse so if we get knocked out at the group stage you can turn it over and fill in the result of the sword fight you had with your nan.